The PROSPER partnership model is a delivery system that strengthens families through community partnerships and programs that support substance use prevention among youth.  PROSPER is an evidence-based delivery model that reduces risky behavior among youth, while enhancing positive development and strong families.  The effort builds on collaborations between local school districts, University Extension, prevention partners, RCORP grantees, and other community stakeholders that support community teams as they implement evidence-based school and family programs.  The goals include delaying the initial onset of substance use, preventing teen substance misuse and behavioral health challenges, strengthening parenting skills, and building strong families.

PROSPER Readiness Assessment

This assessment will be utilized to select between four and six communities that will become PROSPER-Ready Communities.  Programs selected will receive funds to implement the PROSPER model in their local communities.  Successful candidates will focus on the strength between the prevention partners, the local RCORP grantee and Extension, the local school district, and the community, and their ability to sustain the model beyond the funding period.  Candidates chosen must be willing to work as a team to implement a comprehensive approach to youth prevention in their community.

A Focus on Partnerships

In this community-school partnership, sixth grade students receive life skills training in their classrooms, which is coupled with a seven-week evening/weekend session that brings together sixth grade youth and their parents/guardians. The seven-week Strengthening Families Program 10-14 focuses on improving family cohesion and building protective skills. Because PROSPER contains a family and a school program, youth are supported in the two most important domains of their lives:  their homes and their schools.  The programs are based upon research that shows how positive parental/guardian involvement helps children resist substance use and other risky behaviors.  The model includes lessons that help parents/guardians improve conflict resolution and communication skills and enhance parental management.  Although there are separate parent/guardian and youth groups during the sessions, they come together as families during the last hour to practice skills.  Sessions are highly interactive and include role playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects. 

Community Selection

Selected candidates must be ready to being the project on September 1, 2021.  Financial assistance is available to assist with curriculum costs, training fees for school representatives, and facilitator training.  Funding is also available to purchase training and educational supplies, and promotional materials.    

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